Our Mission
March For Matthew 5K was created in tremendous honor of my beloved brother, a son, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, and a friend... Matthew Scott Tillinger. He meant the world to all of us. And we will forever keep him in our hearts with the endless love and memories shared together with him. 
His  life was abruptly cut short at the young age of 21 from an aortic dissection two years ago which is truly hard to fathom that much time has gone as we continue to heal emotionally. 
Our mission for March For Matthew  is to not only raise funds towards the John Ritter Foundation of Aortic Disease and donate a scholarship to a young boy in the automotive field in school, but to also raise awareness in Aortic Disease- especially in young adults, and awareness in checking your own family history, preventing, imaging, pain and risk factors, and genetic syndromes that can contribute to aortic disease and how serious it is. Aortic Disease can definitely be fatal, however this is NOT a death sentence as becoming more aware and knowledgeable can save a life. If we could help save at least one life and tons of heartache  after raising awareness, it would mean the world to us.