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March For Matthew 5K
In great honor loving memory of Matthew Scott Tillinger
We thank all of our friends, family, sponsors, and support from our First Annual March For Matthew 5K. We were blessed enough to RAISE over $4,000.00 and donated it all towards the John Ritter Foundation of Aortic Health and Research. We look forward to sharing another year with you all this year!! Mark your calendars for March For Matthew 5K taking place on September 30th, 2017! We are Blessed beyond belief with all of the love and support we've had thus far. Matthew even made sure we knew he had front seats from Heaven with displaying a Beautiful sign from above our first year...right at the beginning of registration, a full Rainbow appeared above us. With the forecast a sunny but chilly day, no forcasted rain...however literally having 2 minutes of a light sprinkle and immediately after...a beautiful gift from Heaven appearing in the sky...it was evident that October 17th, 2015 would be an amazing day in honor of Matthew. 
Feel free to contact March For Matthew at any time:
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We look forward to seeing you all on September 29th, 2018!!
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Thank you for visiting our fundraising campaign. Please consider making a donation in support towards the John Ritter Foundation Aortic Disease Research supported by this event. Any amount is greatly appreciated!
Have you always wanted to participate in a 5K and never had the chance to? Well now is your time!! Mark October 17th, 2015 on your calendars and commit to the challenge. You CAN do it, and the best part about setting this goal for yourself is that you will be doing it for a GREAT cause. In support of the John Ritter Foundation of Aortic Research and in great honor of Matthew Scott Tillinger!! 
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Check out RITTER RULES and Become AWARE
Ritter Rules are life-saving reminders to recognize, treat and prevent aortic dissection, a deadly tear in the large artery that carries blood away from the heart. Named for actor John Ritter, who died of an aortic dissection, Ritter Rules combine knowledge with action. Know the urgency, symptoms, who is most at-risk and which imaging tests are required to diagnose this medical emergency.